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East European Tyres

TYREX Agro DN-104B

The tyre’s tread pattern has a tread cap with conventional directional tread
pattern common for cross-country tread pattern tyres. The tyre is intended
for operation on plough-land, harvested field, driving on farm and earth
roads, as well as sealed roads.
The directional tread pattern ensures excellent cross-country ability, good
self-purifying ability and reliable road grip on solid surface; average and
maximum floor pressure comparable to international standards; improved
operability and durability for the class of tyres.

Технические характеристики

-Producer - Cordiant
-Brands - Tyrex
-Width - 9,50
-Radius - 32
-Model - TYREX Agro DN-104B
-Tyre designation - 9,5-32
-Design - bias
-Tread pattern - cross-country tread pattern
-External diameter, mm - 1250±19
-Section width, mm, under - 241
-Static radius, mm - 595±15
-Recommended rim - W8
-Allowed rim - W7
-Ply rating - 8
-Load index - 117
-Max. load kN (kgs) single/twin tyre - 12595(1285)
-Load corresponding to Minimum allowed pressure, N (kgs) - 59360(605)
-Inflation pressure, for max. load - 280(2.8)
-Minimum allowed inflation pressure, kPa (kgs/cm2) - 80(0.8)
-Valve type - ТК
-Tube designation - 9,5-32
-Rim strip designation - -
-Tyre weight, kg, under - 47,0
-Tyre application - For operation on the driving wheels of domestic and imported tractors, agricultural motor vehicle chassis, ceeders
-Manufacturer - Voltyre-Prom
-Max. speed, km/h (Speed Index) - 30(А6)
-Country of origin - Russia